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"A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business"
-Henry Ford-

We salute with pride, the words of Sir Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company, and the Father of modern assembly lines used in mass production – for the thoughts he had about business in the way that always gives importance to society. We always wish to follow these words in each of our business days, as it creates a good corporate citizen out of us.

With our distinctive research and experience, we present Utilitywebs Pvt. Ltd. before the world with at most quality and clarity. All our virtual products and services are created with a certain degree of social responsibility in thought, that people utilize it to the maximum and understand the net value that they create. Knowing the value of humanity, we want everyone to be aware of, develop and gain advantage using our virtual products and services in the best way that will serve this world the most.

Utilitywebs Pvt. Ltd. will surely be a remarkable chapter in the virtual business world, as our backbone is built with the business thoughts that finally serve the society.

Utilitywebs Pvt. Ltd. came into existence only because of the collective efforts taken by the team that includes our Chief Managing Director, Mr. T. B. Vinod; Ms. Merin Jose (Project Head); Mr. Jovin Abraham Joseph (Associate Director); Mr. Vaidyanathan Hariharan (Chief Operations Consultant); Mr. Ronal Joseph, CEO, Theosoft Technologies (Technology Partner); Ms. Parvathy Nair (Corporate Copywriter) and Ms. Thanooja Thankappan (Research Assistant).

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Esahaque Eswaramangalam

CEO, Utilitywebs Pvt. Ltd.

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